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Energy Bokhar Asia

Energy Bokhar Asia Company commenced its operations in 2017, as a private company with Reg. No. 7369 in the fields of engineering, design, trading and supply of industrial valves and equipment for steam piping, condensate, water, hot oil, compressed air (gas) and fire protection valves.

Currently, the company relies on several years of continuous and active presence in the utility industry of the country and exhibitions, relying on the technical knowledge of its staff, conducting training, technical visits and technical reports, and has a reliable and extensive network of domestic and foreign suppliers, able to meet the most important needs of all their customers in the food and dairy industries, pharmaceuticals and hospitals, oil and gas industries, refineries and petrochemicals, power plants, paper and carton manufacturing, rubber manufacturing, large shopping malls and hotels and etc. and deliver in the shortest possible time, and thanks to the God to achieve full satisfaction of all buyers in its previous work.

درباره شرکت انرژی بخار آسیا
درباره انرژی بخار آسیا

A wide range of products that meet the needs of customers in the utility industry of the country is currently available in the warehouse of the company and is available for inspection by the dear colleagues.

Energy Bokhar Asia Company is Supplier of industrial valves, Pipes and Fittings.Supplier of industrial valves, Pipes and Fittings

All items purchased from the company come with a one-year guarantee (unconditional replacement) from the date of installation, and a 10-year after-sales service and supply of spare parts.


The following is a list of some of the industrial valves and equipment supplied for steam, condensate, water, hot oil, compressed air (gas) and fire extinguishing valves:

It is noted that all certificates of manufacture, testing, purchase from the above company, shipping and all technical documents related to the proposed products, including their test certificates with the following titles, are submitted simultaneously with the delivery of the customized items will be presented to your esteemed organization.

        Typical Test Report (previously known as BS EN 10204 – 2.2)

        Inspection Certificate (Previously known as BS EN10204 – 3.1 B)

         Certifiate of Origin and Etc.


We hope that our efficient and determined company will be able to satisfy all its customers in various fields as in the past years

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